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Shopfloor Work Instructions in the manufacturing industry

Digital work instructions encompass step-by-step procedures designed to guide tasks electronically in a uniform structure, while also supplying instant feedback to workers. This approach eliminates the need for physical paper documents or lengthy training sessions. By utilizing simple PDF formats or intuitive visual formats such as diagrams, animations, videos, and interactive simulations, digital work instructions offer employees a clear and efficient way to comprehend tasks. This modern approach proves more effective than conventional methods, sparing employees from the burden of sifting through lengthy textual explanations or attending exhaustive briefings.

  • Always Up to date
  • Structured Workflows
  • Planning Integration
  • Instant Feedback
  • Traceability
  • Add Media Files

Factory Flow: Work Instructions to the shop floor

Our manufacturing execution system Factory Flow is equipped with robust support for digital work instructions functionality. Within the software framework, the incorporation of digital work instructions becomes effortless, encompassing diverse media like PDF files, photographs, and videos. These digital work instructions have ushered in a transformative era for shop floor operations, furnishing enterprises with a potent yet user-friendly instrument to optimize their workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

These tools transcend conventional methods, empowering businesses to elevate precision across production lines while concurrently supplying invaluable insights into employee performance. This dual benefit facilitates the identification of areas for refinement and the discernment of additional training requisites. Furthermore, digital work instructions contribute to waste reduction by eliminating superfluous steps and minimizing material usage throughout the production cycle. In essence, digital work instructions stand as an indispensable facet of any thriving enterprise seeking to elevate its operational prowess. To delve deeper into these advantages, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Essential Hardware

1D/2D Scanners

Perfect for companies that are committed to enhancing quality, boosting efficiency, and optimizing day-to-day processes.

Label Printer

Factory Flow provides a seamless integration to printing labels with options from Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Linerless including Integrated RFID, 1D barcodes or 2D QRCodes.

Mobile Solutions

Handheld smartphone style devices with integrated dedicated barcode scanner, RFID Reader and Pistol Grip is the go to Factory Flow mobile solution.

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