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Material Receipt Processing in the manufacturing industry

A manufacturer's worst fear is production coming to a standstill due to missing or unlocatable components. With Factory Flow Manufacturing as your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, this nightmare becomes a thing of the past. Factory Flow Manufacturing MES is meticulously tailored for collaborative production management within the manufacturing industry, ensuring seamless oversight of all activities and workflows throughout the entire manufacturing process. This includes everything from the receipt of raw materials, through storage and processing, up to the outbound dispatch of the finished products. Say goodbye to production disruptions and hello to streamlined operations with Factory Flow Manufacturing MES

MES assists in Eliminating Bottlenecks

Factory Flow MES software swiftly empowers you to enhance order throughput times, concurrently reducing stock levels and maintaining consistent cycle rates. Through in-depth analysis by the MES Manufacturing Execution system, any bottlenecks or recurring sources of errors in the process chain are unveiled, enabling targeted interventions to optimize flow at bottlenecks, eliminate inefficient work steps, and prevent downtimes. This intelligent MES solution ensures timely and accurate delivery of raw and ancillary materials to the necessary production points, rectifying inadequate or excessive work in process autonomously, thereby reducing errors in picking and warehousing. It offers complete transparency across the entire internal value-added chain, enabling on-time deliveries to all customers while maintaining an optimal stock level. This leads to an efficient supply for the production environment, bottleneck elimination, and accelerated throughput times.

Essential Hardware

1D/2D Scanners

Perfect for companies that are committed to enhancing quality, boosting efficiency, and optimizing day-to-day processes.

Label Printer

Factory Flow provides a seamless integration to printing labels with options from Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Linerless including Integrated RFID, 1D barcodes or 2D QRCodes.

Mobile Solutions

Handheld smartphone style devices with integrated dedicated barcode scanner, RFID Reader and Pistol Grip is the go to Factory Flow mobile solution.

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