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Track and Trace in the manufacturing industry

In the context of contemporary manufacturing enterprises, operational efficiency is paramount. This entails precise control over processes, complete operational visibility, and optimal output utilisation. To maintain a competitive edge, integration of innovative technologies and methodologies that enhance efficiency is crucial. This is where the significance of implementing track and trace systems becomes apparent.

The Track and Trace functionality built into our Manufacturing Execution System, Factory Flow enables your company to monitor the entire journey of specific products or components across the supply chain. This technology utilizes unique identifiers like barcodes or RFID tags, along with specialized data collection and management software, to record, store, and analyze the movement and status of the items.

Track and trace systems play a critical role in enabling manufacturers to pinpoint bottlenecks, manage inventory, comply with regulations, and potentially prevent expensive recalls. Providing a transparent view of products from production to the final customer is a fundamental aspect of a strong supply chain management system.

Tracking Downtime: Removing Non Value Added with the Factory Flow ANDON system

The core objective of the Factory Flow Andon system is to facilitate enhanced communication and bolster the exchange of information among manufacturing operators, team leaders, and external technicians whenever a production issue emerges. Moreover, the fundamental principle underpinning the Factory Flow Andon is aimed at curbing production downtime at its origin and preventing its propagation downstream. The concept is centered around early problem detection, recognising that addressing issues promptly is more cost-effective than rectifying them later in the production cycle, particularly within a manufacturing context.

Essential Hardware

1D/2D Scanners

Perfect for companies that are committed to enhancing quality, boosting efficiency, and optimizing day-to-day processes.

Label Printer

Factory Flow provides a seamless integration to printing labels with options from Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Linerless including Integrated RFID, 1D barcodes or 2D QRCodes.

Mobile Solutions

Handheld smartphone style devices with integrated dedicated barcode scanner, RFID Reader and Pistol Grip is the go to Factory Flow mobile solution.

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