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Maintenance solutions in the manufacturing industry

Transition from reactive to proactive maintenance by gaining insight into the machinery on your plant floor with Factory Flow. Downtime and quality issues can arise when equipment or devices function suboptimally, necessitating part replacements or dealing with connectivity issues. Empower your maintenance teams with real-time alerts about potential problems, enabling seamless maintenance without disrupting production. Eradicate potential failure points and implement machinery and devices enhanced by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enhance asset visibility, decrease expenses, and elevate overall quality.

Tracking Downtime: Increasing Maintenance Efficiency with the Factory Flow ANDON system

The core objective of the Maintenance Andon system is to facilitate enhanced communication and bolster the exchange of information among manufacturing operators, team leaders, and external technicians whenever a production issue emerges. Moreover, the fundamental principle underpinning the Maintenance Andon is aimed at curbing production downtime at its origin and preventing its propagation downstream. The concept is centered around early problem detection, recognizing that addressing issues promptly is more cost-effective than rectifying them later in the production cycle, particularly within a manufacturing context.

Essential Hardware

1D/2D Scanners

Perfect for companies that are committed to enhancing quality, boosting efficiency, and optimizing day-to-day processes.

Label Printer

Factory Flow provides a seamless integration to printing labels with options from Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Linerless including Integrated RFID, 1D barcodes or 2D QRCodes.

Mobile Solutions

Handheld smartphone style devices with integrated dedicated barcode scanner, RFID Reader and Pistol Grip is the go to Factory Flow mobile solution.

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