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CNC Plasma Nesting Integration

Nesting software analyzes flat patterns of parts intended for cutting from sheets or rolls of material. It determines the optimal arrangement, or "nest," to maximize part usage while minimizing waste. Additionally, the software optimizes the cutting path for efficiency, generating the necessary 'NC' (numerical control) code to guide the CNC machine during the cutting process.

Factory Flow integrates with leading nesting software, Jetcam, Sigmanest and others to improve automation efficency and quality. Programs and production orders are programmed on the nesting software but it is Factory Flow which controls production and downloads programs to the cutting machine only when the production timeline dictates, with only one nesting program available at a time, quality is maximised and mistakes are removed.

Implementation Guidance: Our customers benefit from assistive implementation resulting in a faster up-take.

Customised for manufacturing industries, our MES system, Factory Flow, ensures streamlined production processes, optimizes internal material flows, and guarantees an optimal product supply. Factory Flow is an enterprise level Manufacturing Execution System. Our modular approach provides a customisable solution tailored to your business, while our hands-on approach provides you with help and assurance on site.

Essential Hardware

1D/2D Scanners

Perfect for companies that are committed to enhancing quality, boosting efficiency, and optimizing day-to-day processes.

Label Printer

Factory Flow provides a seamless integration to printing labels with options from Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Linerless including Integrated RFID, 1D barcodes or 2D QRCodes.

Mobile Solutions

Handheld smartphone style devices with integrated dedicated barcode scanner, RFID Reader and Pistol Grip is the go to Factory Flow mobile solution.

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