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Its easy to get confused when implementing an SEO stratgey and implementing changes can seem quite daunting. Below we have 5 quick SEO tips to help you get started without any knowledge. 

1. Check your own backlink profile

Google indexes websites on average every two weeks so we would recommend performing this check at least every fortnight. Our FREE website audit reports give you an idea of what kind of numbers you currently achieve. 

2. Submit sitemaps to google and bing

Grab yourself a GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) account and you can gain a wealth of information about your website through the eyes of Google. You can also submit your website XML sitemap to tell Google about your website's structure. 

3. Is your site as mobile-friendly as it could be?

With Google now taking UX (User eXperience) into consideration in its indexing algorithm, it is even more important to ensure your website reponds to the device. A well optimised site is not only good for SEO but it also increases sales. 

4. Setup & monitor Google Analytics

Google Analytics standard version is FREE and is the leading tool in this market. If you do not already have analytics on your website we recommend getting it installed ASAP. Once installed dont simply let it build up mountains of information unseen for months, get into your analytics and get simple weekly reports generated to give you a good understanding of whats happening on your website. 

5. Ensure images have Alt tags

Image Alt tags have an impact on the Google site ranking algorithms so it is good to have these in place with good keywords. 

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